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Public Buildings

If telecommunication technologies' rapid evolution has changed working behavior by providing permanent accessibility anywhere, the emphasis of architectural and town planning design can therefore concentrate on the creation of SPACES TO LIVE. Social life becomes more abstract by the day and it is our role to provide places of EXCHANGE, for MIXED POPULATIONS AND USES where the brainstorming of public life can take place. These MEETING PLACES should be found at HOME, at WORK and in CITIES where "public spaces become external rooms".

Actiris Central Headquarters redeployment strategy


Actiris, the Brussels Regional Employment Office, has chosen the G2A group comprised of Global, Art & Build and Anixton, to “elaborate, oversee and execute their central headquarters redeployment strategy”. The scope of work varies from strategic consultancy to the implementation of proposed solutions.
Actiris currently employs 950 staff across 25 sites. Their main headquarters is located at 65 Boulevard Anspach, Brussels, and covers some 15,000 sqm.

New Konrad Adenauer Extension of the European Parliament Headquarters

New Konrad Adenauer
Copyright Heinle Wischer und Partner – Frei Architeckten 2008

The construction phase of the new Konrad Adenauer extension to the European parliament in Luxembourg (240,000 sqm) designed by Heinle Wischer und Partner – Frei Architeckten was at a standstill for several months. Now back on track with a new project management team, the architectural aspects are to be overseen by Art & Build, Tetra Kayser and Studio Valle.

image : Copyright Heinle Wischer und Partner – Frei Architeckten 2008

Council of Europe - Agora Building

Copyright Art and Build Architect
Copyright Art and Build Architect
Copyright Art and Build Architect
Copyright Art and Build Architect

In this case the clear identification of the occupant enabled the architects to draw on the image and prestige of the institution, at the same time providing optimal, day-to-day functionality. Six building sections were erected under the large iconic roofline, with the atria and gardens between them. Designed to be a living and communication space as well as a place of work, the structure includes offices, conference rooms, cafeteria, bar, print room, archive space and a crèche.

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