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URBA.TEAM is the Art & Build internal centre of expertise in town planning and land development. This expertise is distinguished by a rigorous approach and action that is future-looking, environmental and social in nature. The first objective of the methodological action is to extract, display and use the advantages, the weaknesses and the potentialities of the site. Art & Build develops its projects with an eye to urbanistic integration, the environmental factor and to the foreseeable development of the context. It does this in terms of the existing de facto and legal situation, as well as the situation projected in the medium or long term. As regards town planning, Art & Build is developing a prospective action that goes beyond just the objective data from analysising the territory. The social, cultural, economic and environmental aspects transcend strict considerations of urbanism and open a field of possibilities that only a forward looking approach covering the whole spectrum can permit. The environmental action here takes on its sense to the extent that the development of "large territories" involves a broad consideration on the density of construction, the permeability of the ground, sunlight, use of local natural resources (production, recovery), economic and energy efficiency, mobility, safety and accessibility for all social concerns are central in the sense that if the spacial organisation of the City displays a social organisation of its occupants, then it can also be the catalyst for a new Quality of Life. Finally, Art & Build also is committed to never lose sight of the human scale. Our expertise extends to developing the surroundings and the public spaces in an effort to revitalise the entire urban fabric.

Carré 92 - Development of a Business Park

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Copyright Art and Build Architect
Copyright Art and Build Architect
Copyright Art and Build Architect

The architecture of this business park, for which Art & Build developed the master plan, is based on the principle of very flexible building offering numerous variations. Manufactured industrially, using sustainable materials and with advantageous construction costs, the buildings offer large surface areas on each floor, laid out around central cores and common halls that the occupants share. The relationship between the buildings, the connecting links between them, and the play of built and empty spaces within a modular system create a sense of unity and harmony with the environment.


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Waterwalk is a 30 hectare sustainable urban regeneration project, part of Brussel’s wider strategy to integrate its main urban components. The project aims to recompose the urban fabric in zones where outward logistical shifts will release city centre brown field sites, enabling urban and social development, and reducing vehicle linked pollution and other nuisances linked to traffic.

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