Office Building EuroNantes Gare


In association with GaroBoixel Architects
Located at the heart of the new EuroNantes Gare neighbourhood, the new development of over 16,000m² features a fluid spatial interpretation of the ‘pedestrian volume’. Continuity of the ground floor experience with respect to adjacent projects, sightlines and levels quietly gives rise to a variety of biotopes and sculptured, sensorial spaces. The project will integrate bioresourced materials, with light industry workshops housed at grade level in modular wooden structures nestled into acoustic surfaces. The wood acts as a welcome counterpoint to the mineral cladding to the three towers overhead. The office building to the East, which features a reversible floor plate allowing future transformation into residential units, will be built primarily from CLT, housed in wooden frame façade components, considerably reducing the carbon footprint of the development as a whole and contributing to the urban resiliency of Nantes’ city centre.

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