Jacques Delors Building


In Brussels’ European Quarter, the needs of the EU’s institutions mean that many buildings have to be renovated and new ones constructed. There, adjacent to the Parc Léopold and also bordered by the six-lane rue Belliard, this office building constructed between 1980 and 1988 had to be adapted to meet current regulations, as well as a better work environment. Initially designed for the European Parliament, the building was renovated to accommodate the offices, conference centre, meeting rooms, cafeterias and restaurants of the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions. The still sound structure was stripped to its bare shell, adapted to today’s needs and re-used. The north facade, facing the constant traffic of the rue Belliard, has double-skin glass that offers, in addition to acoustic and thermal comforts, the additional pleasure of a vertical interior garden. The other facades have replaced the building’s original stripes with the calm of horizontal brickwork, worked in warm colours. This establishes a link to the metal sunbreakers that protect the most exposed facades. The use of plastic continues through to the roof, with the rounded form of the superstructures that house the building’s technical equipment. As can be seen in the completed project, the practicality of internal movement and working environment, linked to large spaces that encourage exchange and teamwork, were central concerns in undertaking this renovation.

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