Museum of Medicine - ULB


This museum has an ambitious theme : to suggest the coming together of the knowledge and philosophical values that provide the basis for the practice of medicine. Attention naturally turned to the creation of a significant piece of architecture that would assemble spaces and refer to human knowledge, ideas or symbols. The logic of the Golden number and the forms at the basis of Euclidian architecture guided the creation of the first building with a lecture theatre in the form of a hemicycle, an octagonal office, a circular staircase and so forth. Here various forms interlock with one another to define the route around the museum. The facade consists of a stone-clad wall that stands free of these forms, but whose curved lines make occasional contact with the main body of the building in a manner that suggests a certain symbolism. At a later stage, an extension was built to the first building representing an unordered architecture that evokes a random structure. The highly sophisticated interior organisation creates relations between the different levels echoing the paths taken by developments in medical thinking.

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