Basic School Val Fleuri


The architectural expression in this nursery and primary school finds its origins in the desire to escape from the customary appearance of this type of public building. Children who attend this school are of an age where they invent their own world, so, the shapes and spaces seek to be in the image of those who use it. An interior “street” links the 22 classrooms, serving as a play area as well as the main boulevard for getting around the school. The whole street is crossed by shafts of light thanks to the large skylights that lend character to the external facade. The architecture is deliberately playful and, in the nursery classrooms in particular, on a scale appropriate for children. The abundant use of wood helps create the impression of comfort, while also serving a technical function: floating floor screed on an acoustic cushion, perforated ceiling. A second building on the side of the square was partly retained and renovated to accommodate 35 classrooms.

The large skylight roofs. Architecture designed to send strong signals to encourage the users to identify with and colonise the building.

The glued laminated timbers of the undulating roofs. Space and light but also great attention to the acoustic comfort of the premises.

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