Fond Roy Clinic - Therapeutic Adolescents House


Designed to accommodate adolescents in difficulty, the existing facility is nestled into a 3.3 hectare site which includes the neighbouring Roseau Sporting Club (Uccle, Brussels), creating an integrated urban campus. A 3000 sqm therapy wing includes some 30 hospital beds for youngsters, an educational wing, and the sporting facilities of the Roseau Club to which a new multi-sports hall of 800 sqm has been added. The therapeutic programme can accommodate some 30 adolescents as well as 20 medical and administrative staff members. Buildings are kept low and discreet, true to the campus model. The buildings themselves are light and articulated with large openings benefitting natural light and views. Environmental features include passive solar gain protection and low carbon building solutions. With a well-insulated envelope and energy provided by co-generation, the environmental impact of the complex is kept to a minimum.

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