Saint-Gaudens Hospital Center


Art & Build wins the prize for the restructuring of the Saint-Gaudens Hospital Centre (2016).
The new building is located on the site of the former UHCD building, which was demolished in the context of the operation. The project, including the construction of the new building and the restructuring of part of the existing building, is located at the heart of the existing site, in sight of the main entrance to the site. The building created is on two levels, with a simple, clear volumetry, which is the result of an equally simple and readily interpreted functional organisation. The volume created is identifiable, open, and welcoming, a good balance between the stability of a sculpted mass and the warmth of materials. It confers upon the Hospital Centre a perennial image, which is capable of carrying technique and function in a balanced way, which also translates into the optimum management of patients and ease of use for staff.

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