Student Mandela Residence


The project follows up on the commissioning of the competition winning COFINIMMO/CIT-BLATON/ART & BUILD team, whose bid for the renovation of two existing ULB student residences was retained in 2011.The renovation of the first building, the Mandela residence on the avecnue des courses in Ixelles, is being completed and offers students a new generation of quality dwellings, only a stone’s throw from the Solbosch campus.
The project focused on new technical solutions as well as the comfort factor and barrier free access. Bedroom numbers were raised from 229 to 240 without any reduction in room size. The worlk was undertaken with a view to reducing the building’s overall ecological footprint, reducing energy consumption, employing prefabrcation components, improving acoustics, lowering maintenance costs and ensuring flexibility in future use with minimum alterations and disruption.
The construction schedule was deliberately limited to one academic year. The building typology was conserved, with facades insulated and clad with a light coloured stone, chosen for its longevity, esthetics, and harmony with existing tissue.

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