North-South Neighbourhood Link at Béthune station


With the addition of a park, piazza and pedestrian bridge, the project ensures a linkage between the town of Béthune’s two existing flanks, currently separated by a railway line. The project, which comprises bridge and landscape design, lays down a new development axis for the town and encourages new linkages through a demonstrative ecological agenda.

Team :
AREP (Architect-Masterplanner)
ART & BUILD (Architect-Masterplanner-Landscaping)
LATERAL THINKING FACTORY (Sustainable development)
MAP 3 (BET structure)

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Sculpture Park for the City of Suzhou, China


Following an invitation from the Qu’Art China gallery, Art & Build designed a sculpture park for the city of Suzhou, China, seamlessly blending the practice’s mastery of architecture and landscape. The project aims to create innovative and dynamic public spaces dedicated to art, enriching the city’s new business district. The design conceptualizes Chinese culture, from traditional garden design to include the timeless arts of calligraphy, painting and music, creating a contemporary urban scene catalysed by European creativity, notably through works by Arne Quinze.

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Jonction Nord Midi - Green Line


International architectural practice Art & Build’s proposal for the Brussels Nord/Midi junction transforms a transport hub into a friendly, green urban link.
The Midi and Nord train stations are to be connected by a rapid and completely automatic transport link with high passenger capacity, all set into a green pedestrian promenade.

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Urban Renewal of Andenne's City Centre


Art & Build win the Design, Build & Finance competition for the urban renewal of Andenne’s City Centre, an eco-neighbourhood known as the “Promenade des Tilleuls” (...) The design calls for the integration of some 10 housing buildings to be clustered around a green corridor with a park, public square and multimedia centre designed into the masterplan.

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Pierres Vives District

The project involves developing a site belonging to the Hérault Regional Council with the aim of creating a new district where sport, culture and history will be the dominant themes. The central pole of attraction will be provided by the "Pierres Vives" building, a specialist media library to be designed by the architect Zaha Hadid. The aim is to permit this development to become an inherent part of the urban landscape, used regularly by people living in the local neighbourhoods as well as throughout the town and surrounding areas.

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Waterwalk is a 30 hectare sustainable urban regeneration project, part of Brussel’s wider strategy to integrate its main urban components. The project aims to recompose the urban fabric in zones where outward logistical shifts will release city centre brown field sites, enabling urban and social development, and reducing vehicle linked pollution and other nuisances linked to traffic.

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