Wood Offices


Wood Offices is a new office building to be located in the Leudelange activity district to the west of the city of Luxembourg. Featuring an innovative timber structure, the design is the result of a closed architectural competition organised by IKO and BPI, two of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg’s major real estate players.


The winning scheme by Art & Build Architects lends the building a powerful identity and is a first for the Grand Duchy, expressing a timber structural frame which is visible just inside the envelope. Conceived entirely in wood, the "exoskeletal" structure features floor-height timber trusses with vertical and horizontal slabs in cross-laminated wood (CLT).


The sloping site from south to north highlights a cascading series of volumes extending down to the Luxembourg road, creating stunning, accessible terraces. A communal landscaped court generates an open layout offering each wing of the building a panoramic view onto nature. The U-shaped plan enables a spatial continuum between the core of the scheme and the public garden. Facades are designed with variable aperture dimensions according to site orientation, all the while maintaining a coherent composition, with full-height glazing with panoramic views of the surrounding greenery retained in order to enhance the indoor-outdoor experience.


The design expresses a biophilic approach integrated by Art & Build which brings the presence of nature to the fore – light, materials, greenery – enhancing the occupants’ wellbeing throughout the scheme.

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