Biotopia Competition for the City of Paris


The Biotopia project offers the City of Paris an innovative model for new buildings, an ambitious approach founded on the application of the circular economy within the design, operation and life cycle analysis. The project draws on a profoundly biomimetic design position, from shape memory alloys providing passive solar protection, to positive impact Cradle to Cradle (C2C) building solutions. An overall positive imprint on the site is seen as the primary outcome and purpose of the construction process. At once resilient, flexible and profitable, buildings can thereby become a resource for generations of Parisians to come.

This design approach is rooted in a positive reading of the Anthropocene idea which brings to light the increasing human impact on the planet since the industrial revolution. Through positive intervention and creative new cooperative models, humans move beyond the notion of being ‘less damaging’ to becoming instrumental in the reconciliation of our activities with those of a natural world which is evolved, maintained and enriched by our presence. Art&Build’s demonstrative project sets out to inspire a link between past and present, addressing the balances between short and long term cycles, between economic realities and nobler values, between the city and her evolving New Nature, and between humankind in all its forms.

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