New BNP Paribas Fortis Headquarters


The Art & Build’s proposal for the international competition for the design of the new Brussels’s headquarters of BNP Paribas – Fortis is a sustainable and contextualized building that set a new step stone in the development of the city centre.
Located on the historical headquarters site between the upper town (Royal palace and park) and the lower town (Grand-Place and city centre), the brief asked for 4500 workplaces and around 100.000 m² BGA.
From the first analysis and sketches, the main design goal was to extend the public realm, to create a new park for the citizens and new urban promenades on which the new building will be sitting.
At the same time, the answer to the brief of creating much more workplaces than in the existing building has been translated into a urban sustainable project. A firm goal was to design a fully new building with a smaller outline than the existing one.
The former Rue d’Isabelle path has been developed in order to bring natural light deep into the building podium and maximize the workplace environment surface.

Team :
Art & Build Architect
TPF Engineering
NEY Partners

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