Degroof Bank HQ & Agency


This building was created between two existing constructions. On one side a former town house in the neoclassical style, the last vestiges of the former residential Léopold Quarter and now home to the Bank Degroof. On the other side, an office building of modernistic style. In harmony with the former in terms of its proportions, and with a facade based on the principle of the golden rectangle, the new building adopts a contemporary language - in metal and glass - that contrasts with the context and lends interest to the sequence. It also prolongs the principal lines of the neoclassical building, as a result reinforcing its qualities. To achieve the desired surface areas and scales, the top floors are set back while the volumes are skilfully in keeping with the modernistic building on one side. The purity of the work is highlighted by the details and interior finishings where lighting produces its effects alongside the quality materials.

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