Erasmus Campus


Art & Build’s has designed a new building for the Faculty of Medicine at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, in association with contractors Valens and Pirnay engineers.
Located on the Erasmus site in Anderlecht and straddling the university campus and the listed Vogelzang nature reserve, the J2 building is home to four new auditoria totaling 1,400 seats and some 5,800 m².
A forecourt announces the building’s presence at the heart of the university campus, leading through to a 4-storey foyer, the gathering place of the university community.
With its generous openings towards the heritage listed south facade, the foyer forms a link between the heart of the campus and the surrounding nature.
The architecture is the result of simple volumes with rounded corners that feature a simple material pallet, from textured concrete to the podium base and ribbed metal panels, reminiscent of autumn leaves, to the facades.
The result is a willfully singular architectural identity which nurtures both individual and collective wellbeing, encouraging the transmission of knowledge.

Image - Numic for Art & Build

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