Carré 92 - Development of a Business Park


The architecture of this business park, for which Art & Build developed the master plan, is based on the principle of very flexible building offering numerous variations. Manufactured industrially, using sustainable materials and with advantageous construction costs, the buildings offer large surface areas on each floor, laid out around central cores and common halls that the occupants share. The relationship between the buildings, the connecting links between them, and the play of built and empty spaces within a modular system create a sense of unity and harmony with the environment. The quality of the insulation, high climatic comfort, hot or cold radiating ceilings, respect for HEQ standards, water treatment, and use of geothermal technologies lend an image of renovation and respect for the environment to this development as a whole.

This development originates in a theoretical study of the feasibility of a business activity park on the Anglo-Saxon model, based on a simple, highly flexible building module with low energy consumption that complies with HEQ standards.
Here, the natural environment is provided by a former industrial site cleansed of all pollution and located alongside the A86 to the north of central Paris in close proximity to La Défense. Suburban rail and bus links and easy access by car make the site very favourable for the development of offices, corporate headquarters or back-offices, as well as for companies with logistic requirements. The site offers a green and soothing working environment, complete with a lake. The available space means that surface areas are not under pressure. Parking facilities are at the ground-floor level of the buildings, freeing up neighbouring space for greenery. Green areas occupy 50 percent of the surface area.

in partnership with J.P. ROZE

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