Hospital of Braine L'Alleud - Renovation and Extension

Braine L'Alleud

The original CHIREC Braine-Waterloo building has now been fitted with two additional wings. The first, handed over in 2011 (building D including technical, emergency and operating block services - 6000 sqm) has just recently been followed by the second, inaugurated on the 7th October of this year.
Building B was built to replace a structure along the rue Wayez and features 8,000 sqm of floor space. The ground floor is dedicated to consultations while the 3 upper floors contain a new surgical unit comprising 30 beds, a buffer aid unit and a paediatric facility. The sterilisation facilities and medical staff parking are housed below grade.
Building B also contributes to the new image of the hospital as seen from the street, with both the façade detailing and proportions signalling the new presence on an urban scale. Aligned with the neighbouring houses, the new wing is set back from the street to allow for a forecourt garden. Materials have been chosen to synchronise with the palette employed on Building D, with charcoal brick and darkened wood panels contrasted by lively dashes of colour in the window sash copings. To the inner façade of the courtyard, the brick gives way to lighter wood tones which bring life to the ensemble. Some windows feature sun shades in grey perforated sheet metal. To the lateral facades, the grey brick palette is maintained, giving way to darkened zinc cladding, expressing the shift in function from hospital rooms to service areas.

Extension to the Braine L'Alleud-Waterloo hospital (CHIREC)
Fase 1 (2011) : 6000 sqm spread over 5 levels, aiming to re-lodge 35 beds of the geriatrics department, 20 beds for the day surgery hospital and 19 beds for the day medical hospital. This building contains all the general and technical services specific to the day surgery hospital as well an operating quarter with 3 operating theatres.

Fase 2 (2014) : 8,000 sqm facility comprising some three care units, including a 30 bed unit dedicated to the surgical department and a 20 bed unit for the paediatric department. The ground floor is dedicated to consultation rooms and the below grade spaces will feature a sterilising service.

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