URM CHU Toulouse


The URM project calls for new Medical, Emergency and Reanimation services, conceived as the operational heart of a vast site dedicated to the medical sciences (Purpan, Toulouse Hospital Centre). Conceived in connection with the new Pierre-Paul Riquet clinic or PPR, the building expresses, by its position privileged in entrance of the site, its own identity and benefits from a privileged position at the entrance to the compound. The architectural concept of the ‘hospital garden’ to which the project adheres is expressed by perspectives views through to by clear spaces, and patios sculpted by natural light. Nature is omnipresent and contributes to the sense of wellbeing for building occupants.
On an urban scale, the competition-winning architecture displays a rhythmical and contemporary main facade, an elegantly juxtaposing the PPR building. Through its "pivotal" role, the extension offers a new strategic entrance to the ensemble formed by the PPR and the URM, and offers an intuitive and reassuring architectural gesture to arriving patients, notably from the tramway station, leading them to the heart of the site. The new entrance is also highlighted by a public lift which enables easy access between « lower » Purpan levels and "upper" Purpan levels, thereby removing a major obstacle and creating new connections towards the other poles of the private hospital (PPR).

in partnership with DV CONSTRUCTION / SEQUENCES

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