HIA de Percy - Burns unit

Percy - Clamart

The winning Burn Centre design responds to 3 programmatic briefs:
• Function: new connections to be created enabling access to the site
• Contextual: building bylaws of Clamart and Meudon to be integrated, with heliport fly paths taken into consideration
• Typological: the site is bordered by a hospital to one side, and a low rise housing development to the other
Art & Build chose to locate the principal functional zone (without services) on a continuous ground level.
The new design will replace the existing facility, becoming a part of the building fabric at large and thus contributing to the campus, all the while maintaining a new architectural identity, remaining low and discreet. The building volumes express functional requirements, with hollows and solids offering dynamic special progressions rarely seen in such specialised hospital environments. The design is expressly optimistic and lively, with natural light and materials featured throughout.

Team :
ART & BUILD Architect (Architecture)
SETEC (Bureau d’études)
F. BOUGON (Economiste)
BOUYGUES OP IDF (Entreprise mandataire)

Images : Copyright Guillaume Guérin

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