île de Nantes New Hospital Complex



Currently undergoing an economical and demographical boom, the Greater Nantes area is consolidating its growth with ambitious new urban infrastructure projects. The new CHU or University Hospital Centre on Nantes Island will actively signal the region’s development with the creation of a new centre of excellence.

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CHU de Bordeaux - new hepatogastroenterology centre


Located on the edge of the wood, the new centre enables the various medical services to organise themselves around the patios and along the gardens, in symbiosis with the omnipresent nature. The project reconciles the constraints of the site at the Haut Lévêque Centre Hospitalier and the strategic issues of modernisation for health establishments in France. The commitment to integration at the existing site combines with sober and resolutely contemporary architectural choices.

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Hospices Civils de Lyon


Unanime architectes, in partnership with Eiffage, Art & Build and Artelia, has won a competition for a new building for the Hospices Civils de Lyon, to relocate the activities of the medical center in the Croix-Rousse district.

The project is characterized by the sobriety of its volumes, to promote its insertion on the site and mark its timeless character.

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Fond Roy Clinic - Therapeutic Adolescents House


Designed to accommodate adolescents in difficulty, the existing facility is nestled into a 3.3 hectare site which includes the neighbouring Roseau Sporting Club (Uccle, Brussels), creating an integrated urban campus. A 3000 sqm therapy wing includes some 30 hospital beds for youngsters, an educational wing, and the sporting facilities of the Roseau Club to which a new multi-sports hall of 800 sqm has been added. The therapeutic programme can accommodate some 30 adolescents as well as 20 medical and administrative staff members. Buildings are kept low and discreet, true to the campus model.

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HIA de Percy - Burns unit

Percy - Clamart

The winning Burn Centre design responds to 3 programmatic briefs:
• Function: new connections to be created enabling access to the site
• Contextual: building bylaws of Clamart and Meudon to be integrated, with heliport fly paths taken into consideration
• Typological: the site is bordered by a hospital to one side, and a low rise housing development to the other
Art & Build chose to locate the principal functional zone (without services) on a continuous ground level.

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Roubaix Hospital Complex - New Mother, Child and Infant Centre


Art & Build’s new 13,000 sqm maternity wing features two planted patios bringing nature, life and light into the heart of the building. The facility features a 92 bed capacity for obstetrics, gynaecological and neonatal care (excluding the operating block core), with 35 beds for Intensive care (including reanimation and constant surveillance), as well as technical and logistical services.
The wining team brings together SOGEA CARONI (Vinci Group), Art & Build and Escudié Fermaut architects, Projex Ingénierie, Diagobat and Acoustic et conseil. Delivery is expected towards the end of 2015.

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