La Rochelle

Low Carbon in La Rochelle

Our winning project in the Atlantech low carbon housing competition explores the spatial qualities of the traditional village albeit in an urban context. Four resolutely contemporary blocks combine to form alleyways and squares that recall the poetic sequences of historic La Rochelle.

The design includes the extensive use of 3D timber modules manufactured off-site, creating a new benchmark on both technical and aesthetic levels. Stacked apartment modules feature generous shared spaces, rooftop greenhouses, and a bioclimatic ‘veil’ providing shading and thermal comfort. Softcaping is omnipresent following an extensive approach to encouraging biodiversity development. The entire site is considered as a vast lush meadow with plant species selected according to varying levels of sunlight exposure. Pedestrian pathways float lightly across the meadow, disconnected from the ground to enable the soil structure to develop climate resilience and deliver full ecosystem benefits.

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