CHRU Nancy - Biology & Biopathology laboratories


The new reception facility for the CHRU and ICL (Institute of Oncology) in Nancy is designed to adapt to the technical and functional evolution of the laboratories.

With this aim in mind, the building is laid out in plan like a series of petals leading to the various sectors from a central area known as the “Automated Technical Platform”.
The latter forms the heart of the complex and offers maximum flexibility of use as it is an open space with no supporting columns, keeping circulation distances to a minimum and ensuring a maximum number of interconnections.
It is highly complex in technological terms: the layout of the complex can be totally changed according to the configuration of the automated production line, with no technical or
energy-related constraints.

In such a context, the circulation areas are a vital feature:
they are synonymous with interdisciplinary interactions and user comfort. In accordance with the spirit of the place, the façades are directly inspired by the natural world.
Their cell-like design is adjusted and adapted to fit particular requirements: the aluminium cladding is more or less heavily perforated, with fewer perforations for added privacy and more extensive perforations where exterior views and natural light are at a premium.

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