Sentiers de l'Europe


Remodeling of Public Space in the European District of Brussels / Région Bruxelles Capitale

The prime concern of this assignment is twofold :
- Create a coherent and safe environnement for the pedestrians focused on the surroundings of Parc Leopold
- Design a proper identity for the European district while expressing dignity and humanity and avoiding the creation of a bureaucratic ghetto

The main objectives can be summarized as follows :
- Create a new link between the Berlaymont Building and Parc Leopold
- Allocate a convivial shape for the passage way above Rue Belliard for the use of the pedestrians
- Reorganize the traffic flow in public places in the East and West of Parc Leopold by introducing a series of footpaths leading to the edges of the Parc
- Give preference to the progressive remodelling and improvement of public places in the context of enlarging the space of the European district.

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