Art and Build offices - renovation


Art and Build offices and architecture studios are distributed on several levels of the building located chaussée de Waterloo 255 in Brussels.

The surface area of over 2500 m2 distributed over several floors is given over to open-plan offices. The layout and choice of materials is deliberately sober and ecological in style. In 1999, Art & Build was awarded the seal of eco-dynamic company – an award that Art & Build has since been able to retain and improve upon.

The 7th floor includes the offices of the direction and the administration, the common space and conference rooms. This floor has a panoramic " terrace offering a sight privileged on the city.
The workshops extend on several lower plates which communicate by an interior staircase. The total surface is of more than 1,500 m2. Space is treated into landscape except for some cells partitioned by walls of glass (the workshop of models or the cell design, for example). Each plate is served by a broad hall with the flattened ceiling whose covered walls of plates of terracotta, offers a particularly user-friendly atmosphere. The choice of materials was done in a voluntarily sober spirit.
Art and Build privileged the use of " ecological " materials (wood furniture, natural fibre carpets, recycled metal ceiling...). In addition, within the workspaces, all is implemented to support the daylight (blinds diffusing against the dazzling, interior partitions out of glass) and to save energy (natural ventilation).

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