Belliard 40 - European District


Located at the intersection of the rue Bélliard and the rue Science, the design intelligently interprets “setback” guidelines, with planning permission submitted in June 2011. The inclusion of a generous piazza on the road side of the ground floor enables a convivial entrance gesture at the heart of the rue Bélliard. From the first preliminary sketches, the designers chose to shift the main building’s volume from the corner upwards toward the centre of the structure, giving rise to a five storey atrium. The concept provides a welcome transparency on the pedestrian level and a widened perspective view towards the centre of the block, with green spaces brought to the fore. The building’s program includes a mixture of retail and office spaces, with the two lateral blocks housing the retail facilities. Some 20,000 square metres will be built, exactly replacing the current built area. This project is a first and important step towards the transformation of Brussels’ European quarter as outlined by numerous local authorities including the PRD, PCD, PDI and PUL. The design targets a “passive” label and aims at BREEAM’s “very good” if not “excellent” certification, and has been recognised as an “Exemplary Building” according to the Brussels Capital Region Environment Ministry.

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