Ellipse Building - Office Building


At 23 storeys, the Ellipse Building marks one of the final construction phases of the Brussels North District high-rise. The concept of this series of tower blocks – the core principles the subject of a great deal of discussion – remains faithful to the aesthetics of this type of construction, although allowing scope for subtle variations to give a specific identity. The design stemmed from the desire to create an urban “signal” that provided a link between a set of buildings of different dimensions. Entrance is from the broad Boulevard Albert II, passing through a hall and glass-covered arcades that give onto a central garden around which the complex is designed. Curves dominate the interior, dispelling the impression of rectilinear rigour and sombre tones that feature on the exterior, creating a play of elements on which the light dances. Curves, reflections and flashes of light on steel add to a visitor’s pleasure – especially those who admire the aesthetics peculiar to high-rise architecture.

in partnership with MONTOIS PARTNERS

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