North Galaxy - Office Towers


Located just after the Belgacom headquarters and part of the line of buildings on boulevard Albert II in Brussels, these two 28 storey tower blocks are linked by a much lower six-storey building and relate the twin, sparse towers of the World Trade Center. Initial studies for the project focused on the subtle nuances needed to establish an individual identity while remaining in harmony with the tone of this business district. At the same time attention was paid to the forms and materials of an elliptical hall standing at the corner of a central roundabout, marking the centre of the Brussels’ North District, that functions as an entrance area and breaks with the rigorous lines of the buildings around it. Furthermore, very close attention was paid to the comfort and flexibility of the work environment: high ceilings, the technical equipment, flooring, ceilings and windows that open. The frontage has double glazing on the outside as well as layer of mechanically ventilated air and single glazing on the inside, providing a high level of insulation.
The building that forms the entrance to the complex was the subject of several studies, as was the concept of linking walkway between the two towers.
In the Brussels’ North District, the North Galaxy building contributes to the area with its reflections of the glass facade, its form, and its carefully crafted “feel” that suggests a relationship with the neighbouring buildings within the context of a district devoted to the world of business.
After the strictness of straight lines coupled to the sobriety of the exterior, the inside of the building is a surprise of light-reflecting curves and contrasting materials

in partnership with M & J.M JASPERS / MONTOIS PARTNERS

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