Retail and Leisure

Sighisoara - Retail Center


This plan to build a shopping centre on the outskirts of the town of Sighisoara in Romania is for a development on two floors forming an interior space laid out around a central atrium with north-light roofs providing overhead illumination. The external aspect is one of alternating metal panels and terracotta elements.

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Aspria Health Centre


After four decades of use, this building in the Brussels Léopold district required extensive renovation. With underground parking on six levels, a three-storey pedestal and 14 floors of office space, it offered excellent functionality but all the interior fittings had aged and worn. These were all redesigned with the greatest care. Public areas, in particular the sports and fitness centre in the pedestal, were given new finishings, the effect of new materials and lighting totally rejuvenating the building.

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Ecological Tricycle


Copyright LEO LESCOP - ENSAD / Art & Build Architect

Art&Build was asked by a re-employment association to design a tricycle to be operated as a street food point of sale.
The practices' response to the brief was not only to require that food sold required little or no packaging, but also that the vehicle itself should be made of recyclable materials.
In response to the requirement for lightness, the design refers to the comforting image of an open basket, an ancient street vending tradition.

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Casino of Pougues-Les Eaux


Located along the N7, in the Park that houses the small thermal spa of Pougues-Les-Eaux, the new casino, planetarium, general-purpose room and bar-restaurant project comes across as a kind of contemporary "Folly". The latter, as does an entrance into the town, runs alongside those of the thermal establishment.

Car park landscaping and the use of natural wood, ventilation and climate control are added to energy recycling and wastewater and rainwater management to make this new building a shining example of the HQE approach.

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